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Germany Payment Survey 2019: Turn of the tide


This is the third edition of Coface’s survey on payment experience in Germany, done this summer, with 442 participating companies located in Germany. Our survey highlights that Germany is in a changing phase. The pressure on companies due to international competition is getting stronger. This is one of the reasons why German companies have increased their average credit period from 29.8 days to 35.9 days between 2017 and 2019.

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Coface reports strong third quarter


Coface recorded yet another strong quarter despite an economic context that has continued to deteriorate in line with our expectations. Our strong performance illustrates the effectiveness of the transformation we have implemented within Coface over the past three years, which has notably resulted in the significant improvement of our risk management processes. Commercial momentum was positive this quarter, as new business is continuing to grow whereas our clients’ activity is slowing down. We are maintaining our selective underwriting policy, which is now bearing fruit in a more volatile environment.

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Country risk assessment map - october 2019


New edition of the country risk map. Consult, download and print the map of the 161 countries assessed by Coface.

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Global outlook for the agri-food sector within a protectionist environment


The agri-food sector (alongside the ICT sector), has been at the heart of the global trade war, aggravated by the fact that China’s retaliation measures have often targeted US soybean imports. As a consequence, the US agri-food sector, notably American soybean exporters are negatively impacted by this situation.

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