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Nicolas Barrandon
Nicolas Barrandon
country manager, Coface canada 
Nicolas Barrandon is Country Manager of Coface Canada, leading all of Coface’s activities in Canada. Coface is a global provider of products and services to protect, manage and monitor commercial accounts receivable.
Prior to this position, Mr. Barrandon was responsible for the commercial underwriting operations for Coface in the United States and Canada. He started his career at Coface’s Paris headquarters in 2000, working to expand Coface’s worldwide network and to develop international credit management solutions for international clients. He joined Coface North America in 2007 as Vice President Commercial focusing on business information, receivables management and collection services. In 2014 he was promoted to Vice President Commercial Underwriting for US and Canada.
Prior to joining Coface, Mr. Barrandon worked with the French Trade Commission in Toronto. He holds a Master of Advanced Study in International Finance from La Sorbonne University in Paris. 
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