About Coface

About Coface

Coface, for safer trade.

Coface, for safer trade.
Trade Risk Experts
Coface, an expert on commercial risk

For 70 years, Coface has helped companies trade safely around the world. Our credit insurance protection and credit management services help ensure that our 40,000 clients will get paid for the merchandise or services delivered to their customers.
With 4,200 employees located in 67 countries, Coface has the global coverage and the on-the-ground knowledge to make thousands of credit decisions each day. We work closely with our clients at every stage of their business life cycle, helping them to anticipate and evaluate risks in order to make the right credit decisions.


251 Consumers Road, Suite 910
Toronto, ON M2J 4R3
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1 Holiday Ave, West Tower
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Pointe-Claire, QC,  H9R 5N3
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