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Business Reports

Traditional domestic and international credit reports from Coface and partners


We work with affiliates and partners around the world to deliver up-to-date, reliable credit reports. Coface reports are competitively priced and offer flexible service plans to meet your needs.

  • Request information on any business, anywhere in the world
  • Receive reports via the Internet, email or fax
  • Rely on our Customer Service Center for full support


Experian Premier and Business Profile Reports

Available for immediate delivery on millions of US companies, Experian’s credit reports feature a business summary, trade experience, legal filings, collections, and commercial finance information.



Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Report

With company profiles that include payment history and trends, a D&B Rating, and credit behavior by industry, the Business Information Report helps assess the risk of doing business with millions of US and Canadian companies.



Equifax Canada Business Credit ReportsTM

Leveraging a commercial database of two million Canadian businesses, the Equifax Business Credit Report spotlights summary and tradeline details as well as overall business risk, public records, and derogatory payment information.



Bernard Sands Retail Reports

Using information from over 50 retail industry credit groups, over five million credit references per month, and analyst insight, Bernard Sands CreditPayTM provide suppliers with real-time trade credit data on how their customers are paying their peers.



International Credit Reports

We also offer traditional credit reports from the Coface global network of affiliates and partners.

Delivering a Valuable Service

A medium-sized manufacturer of dried seasonings and meat rubs sells its products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company’s credit manager relies on credit reports in the decision-making process. Because of its mix of domestic and international business, the company had difficulty finding an information provider that could cover all locations.


The company estimated the number of reports it would use in a given year and requested a quote. Coface provided upfront pricing, with no additional fees, based on the volume estimate. The manufacturer can now order full credit reports from a variety of providers, as well as Coface Credit Opinions and Debtor Risk Assessments – with the simplicity of one contract and supported by one client services team.

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