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France's organic agrofood sector


The agrofood industry is facing a number of challenges in Europe, including the central issue of how to share created value. To meet these challenges and consider ways to guarantee a healthy, safe and sustainable food supply, the French government held a General Assembly on the topic of food from 20 July to 30 November 2017. Expanding the organic sector of agricultural production seems to be one of the best ways to achieve this, as this market is booming both in France and around the world. France is the third-largest market for organics in the world (Eur 5.9 billion in 2015, or 7% of the total market; Coface estimates that it is likely to reach Eur 8 billion in 2017), behind the United States (40 billion in 2015 or more than 40% of the total market) and Germany (11%), and just ahead of China, Canada and the other major European economies.


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