About Coface

Building the future


We value initiatives and innovative ideas.


With 75 years of history, Coface capitalises on an expertise and reputation built over time. Nevertheless, everyday we challenge our achievements and seek to reinvent ourselves.


We are integrating new technologies, particularly around data science, and developing automation to simplify our operations and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.


We encourage new, more flexible, agile and collaborative ways of working.


Because the world is constantly evolving, we welcome initiatives and innovative ideas, whatever they may be, in a more horizontal organisation.


We appreciate curious minds that think outside the box, and seek to break down barriers!

Innovation comes to life at different levels: in the way we work, in office life, and of course in the service we provide to our clients.
In this video, our Happeners explain how innovation at Coface benefits our clients, and how Coface relied on collaboration and agility to innovate during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

What our Happeners say about it

Yacine works at Coface



I had the opportunity to launch a new business intelligence platform as part of the automation of data analysis, which facilitates and accelerates the decision-making process. This has been crucial in a rapidly changing environment.


Yacine D., Sales Operations Manager - Coface France

Melissa works at Coface


The "My Voice" staff survey gave us the opportunity to make our voices heard. We contributed suggestions, ideas, and solutions to problems , and we exchanged ideas on new ways of experiencing work. We are not only trying to solve current problems, but also to innovate in order to anticipate future needs and to always keep up with the times.

New ideas and solutions were created, and many were successfully implemented. We felt we were improving our environment and building our future.



Melissa P., Global Solutions Senior Risk Underwriter based in Italy

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