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Our challenge: your success

"At Coface, everyone benefits from personalised support, tailored to their profile and aspirations.
Establishing and developing a lasting relationship of trust, encouraging integration and supporting professional development are our priorities and commitments."
Pierre Bevierre, Group HR Director


We have developed a programme dedicated to new arrivals which provides access to all the information necessary for integration and allows them to follow a path marked out by individual meetings, immersive experiences, training and informal sharing moments.


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A digital training platform provides access to a wide range of content and encourages the sharing of exchanges and experience between the group's employees.
To continually develop your individual talent in the service of collective excellence, the Business Academies combine self-service digital modules, group webinars and direct exchanges.
The courses enable everyone, whatever their position and level of seniority, to quickly familiarise themselves with the issues and expertise that constitute our core business.
Because listening, inspiring and guiding teams, reframing without discouraging, and adjusting management to new working methods are all daily challenges, the development of managerial skills is an essential issue that is the subject of dedicated programmes.


How to make a success of a high-stakes meeting? How to develop your influence and ensure the impact of your communication? What direction should your career take?
Mentoring allows top talent to benefit from the advice of experienced managers in dedicated sessions.


At Coface, there is no standard career path and careers are not written in advance. Convinced that exposure to new challenges is the best way to learn, we strongly encourage internal mobility and we are also committed to giving everyone the opportunity to participate in cross-functional projects that go beyond the strict framework of their position.
Operating at the heart of the global economy, Coface offers many opportunities for international mobility. Coface offers international volunteer assignments to students or young graduates and expatriation is open to those who wish to make a long-term commitment to the group and have demonstrated their skills.


Given our profile as a multinational company on a human scale, diversity and inclusion are naturally part of our fundamentals. Beyond cultural diversity, which is part of our DNA, we have multiple commitments.
We have set up internal programmes to ensure gender equality, both in terms of pay and responsibilities.
We promote access to employment for people with disabilities.
And to combat all forms of discrimination within the company, we have deployed a network of Diversity and Inclusion ambassadors and are raising awareness among our teams of the issues associated with these values.
In 2020, we signed the L'autre Cercle's LGBT+ Commitment Charter, as well as an agreement with the Potter Foundation to facilitate access to higher education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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