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We are always looking for a wide range of profiles

To serve an ambitious strategic plan, we are actively recruiting, at all levels of experience and for all types of positions, in all the countries where we operate.
Financial analysts, arbitrators, actuaries, sales people, but also specialists in information systems, data, change management, finance or human resources...
We are open to a wide range of profiles, including those outside our areas of expertise.


Good to know

It is common for candidates to have a less formal exchange with a member of the team concerned, in order to enrich both sides' points of view.

Orchestrated locally by the HR teams, each recruitment is subject to a series of interviews :

  • with the HR manager and the future manager,
  • then for the finalists, the N+2 and the Human Resources Department.


Our objective is to reach a collegial decision at the end of an efficient and rhythmic process.

How do you prepare?

Be yourself



We encourage you to be yourself! We appreciate authenticity and sincerity, and want to learn about your situation and your aspirations.


During the recruitment process, we aim to give you a clear and accurate picture of the tasks and working environment you may be facing. We believe this transprency is key to success. 


And, of course, we request the same clarity in return!


Get to know Coface; our culture, our ambitions and our assets.

Beyond your skills, your fulfillment within our teams depends on our affinities in terms of state of mind, personal skills and values.


We won't expect you to develop a ready-made "marketing pitch", but simply to draw our attention to the points that particularly resonate with our company.

Prepare your questions

Prepare the questions you want to ask us. We're here to help!

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