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Credit Insurance

Protect your business from bad debt losses, in the USA and internationally.

Four Good reasons to CHOOSE Coface credit insurance:

  • Reduce the risk of non-payment;
  • Safer business growth;
  • Critical information about customers and prospects;
  • A powerful international network.


Coface credit insurance solutions are designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from small exporters to large multinationals. Our credit specialists will work closely with you on a solution that best meets your credit risk protection needs.


  • Protection for your receivables and the ability to monitor your risks in real-time
  • Grow with greater confidence by extending more credit
  • Access to our extensive credit information, including debtor risk assessments, credit opinions and more
  • Professionally handled collection of your unpaid invoices around the world



Coface Globalliance policies are adapted for international businesses.

  • Coverage for domestic and export trade
  • Centralize or decentralize policy management to match your internal organization
  • Pick and choose from pre-established modular riders for easy structuring of complex policies
  • Achieve the economies of scale and efficiencies that come from a global insurance program

Delivering a valuable service…

Delivering a valuable service…

A Canadian manufacturer of adhesives and sealants has had success finding outlets for its products in the USA. Their products are used in industries ranging from automotive, electronics, and energy to packaging and printing.


In five years, the company has managed to generate operating cash flow sufficient to finance the acquisition of a European company that specializes in the manufacture of sealants for the energy sector. However, the due diligence showed that the manufacturer had several orders that went unshipped becausea buyer of its products had become insolvent. The Canadian company because more cautious, since it was not familiar with the European market and the creditworthiness of its companies.


After discussing the situation with the Coface teams, the Canadian company selected a Coface Globalliance policy to cover not only the sales of the new European subsidiary, but also the domestic US sales of the parent.


Cofanet: an online application to serve clients

Cofanet: an online application to serve clients

Clients use Cofanet, our online policy management tool, to request, changeor cancel coverage.


Cofanet enables clients to identify its customers/buyers, see the total volume of guaranteed risks outstanding, report losses and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices, all in just a few seconds.


The tool also offers debtor risk assessments, export functions and detailed research.

Stay Connected to Coface with CofaMove

Coface provides CofaNet users with CofaMove, a smartphone App to manage their customer and supplier portfolio.
CofaMove is a complementary solution to CofaNet. It improves responsiveness in risk-taking and monitoring, as well as provides credit management guidance to sales forces in real time.
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