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Non-payment risk prevention begins with gathering relevant and up-to-date information on customers and their business environments. Distinguishing a good customer from a potentially bad one can be especially difficult for companies selling internationally.
At Coface Services North America, our credit information services are designed to help businesses make wise credit decisions, no matter where they trade. We offer a range of information products, from credit reports to recommendations on risk taking — all in one convenient package.
We rely on a powerful global information gathering an analysis network, enhanced by members of the Coface Partner network, who feed our databases of 65 million companies in real time.
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A US manufacturer of precision diagnostic equipment for the medical industry sells its goods domestically and exports Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A growing awareness for preventive medicine as well as aging populations in need of advanced diagnostics, have fueled the manufacturer’s business.
Coface provides the US manufacturer with credit opinions on each of its customers. The opinions, conveniently available in an online portfolio, are monitored so that the company is informed when a customer’s credit situation changes.
On the strength of this information, the manufacturer decides to adjust its credit position with three suppliers. It agrees to higher volumes with two of them and scales back its contract with the third. 

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