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Stay connected to Coface, anywhere, anytime with CofaMove, Coface's mobile app.


With CofaMove, analyzing risk has never been so easy. Stay connected to Coface and make timely, informed credit decisions no matter where business may take you.


CofaMove, a mobile credit management service, provides dedicated access to Cofanet, Coface's global credit management tool. With CofaMove in hand, regardless of where you may be, improve your responsiveness in risk-taking, monitor your portfolio of debtors, support your sales force and enhance your new business development with informed decisions on new business partners.


CofaMove is now available as a free download at either the App Store or Google Play stores.

Product Features

CofaMove gives you direct access to Coface's comprehensive underwriting and information systems. According to the terms of your contract, and your profile, you have access to various products and features, allowing you to manage your trade receivables in the most time-efficient way.
These products allow you to view and/or request:
  • @rating Limit: this cover corresponds to the amount associated with the @rating of the company.
  • Credit Limit: if the @rating does not cover your needs, you can request an increase by applying for a credit limit for a higher amount.
  • TopLiner Limit: an additional cover that you can buy in case of restrictive decision such as a partial credit limit, a reduction, a refusal or a cancellation
Information products
These products allow you to view and/or request:
  • @rating Credit Opinion: you can request the @rating Credit Opinion for one of your trading partners (prospect, client, supplier, etc.) This Credit Opinion will give you an indication of a  company’s creditworthiness. It may be monitored or not monitored depending on your contract.
  • Customized Credit Opinion: You may request a Customized Credit Opinion for a specific amount.
  • DRA(Debtor Risk Assessment / Probability of Default): The DRA measures the probability of business failure over a period of 12 months. This score can be monitored if this option is specified in your contract.
CofaMove Screens


CofaMove is available for download from your application store (App Store or Google Play Store)
The minimum technical specifications required for CofaMove to operate are as follows:
  • Ios (From v.7)
  • Android (From v.4)
  • English
  • Français