Our Offer


TopLiner supplemental coverage gives you the flexibility to take positive action during times of deteriorated risks.

Four good reasons to choose TopLiner:

  • Supplemental cover for a development project;
  • A custom-built offer for a period (30 to 90 days) and amount ($5,000 to $5 million) of your choosing;
  • A price adjusted to your request;
  • Simple online subscription.

TopLiner is a supplemental credit insurance option that can be added to your existing policy. When credit limits are reduced or declined in the course of traditional credit insurance, TopLiner coverage can be added for these higher risk buyers.


  • Non-cancellable, except in cases of insolvency
  • Amounts from $5,000 to $5 million
  • Term of 30 to 90 days


Available online, with an immediate answer:
  • Choose the supplemental amount to cover
  • Set the cover term for the desired number of days
  • View our approval and rates online on Cofanet. TopLiner offers you a price adjusted to the risk presented by the buyer, taking into account in real time the amount of cover aterm that you would like to obtain.
  • Confirm online and coverage takes effect immediately
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  • Français