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Credit insurance for multinationals

GlobaLiner: trade credit risk management for multinationals



Optimise your global credit risk management with greater agility and flexibility 

  • Transparency: Transparent terms and conditions and clear contracts allow for effective deployment of your insurance programme to local users,
  • Ease: Coface's pre-referencing of a large pool of clauses makes it easy for us to deploy and evolve a programme that is perfectly adapted to your needs,
  • Governance: Your GlobaLiner programme complies with all the regulations applicable to your subsidiaries, and you are in full control of the necessary local adaptations.
This is the offer you need if
  • Your company is a multinational group with subsidiaries in several countries,
  • You have an insurable turnover of at least €250 million,
  • You want to protect your balance sheet, strengthen the overall consistency and reliability of your credit risk management system, or simply improve your performance (DSO, unpaid debts ratio, effective financing level of your trade receivables).


GlobaLiner is currently available in more than 60 countries.


Coface was the first credit insurer to offer structured international programmes, by opening offices in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We have regularly updated the services we provide to large global businesses, notably with the creation of Coface Global Solutions in 2012. In 2021, Coface is taking a new step forward by launching GlobaLiner.
International companies often wish to obtain the same credit insurance conditions for each of their subsidiaries wherever possible, regardless of the contract’s country of issue.

GlobaLiner allows you and your subsidiaries to centrally negotiate the implementation of a harmonised trade credit insurance solution throughout the world. 

GlobaLiner ensures that the credit you grant to your customers is managed effectively:
Prevent bad debt - Collect unpaid invoices - Indemnify losses

Coface Global Solutions

CGS is a dedicated organisation within Coface, which brings together our experts across all of the Group’s offices to best serve major international accounts.

CGS is a dedicated organisation within Coface, which brings together our experts across all of the Group’s offices to best serve major internation...

By working as a network, the CGS teams adapt to the structure of each international trade credit insurance programme, using the collaboration and discipline that are essential to the management of such complex programmes.


Equipped with solid information systems and processes, Coface Global Solutions is built on the capacities of the entire Coface group: a global information base of 80 million buyers, presence (direct or via partners) in 100 countries, and 650 risk underwriters and credit analysts dedicated to specific sectors of activity.


With CGS, we efficiently centralise the negotiation of large programmes, tailor services to the needs of local beneficiaries, and structure an optimised risk transfer. Once your programme is in place, our teams work at your side to help you manage the programme, and implement any changes required by your business strategy or risk policies.


Cofanet Essentials : an online platform to serve multinationals

Good to know

CofaNet also offers Debtor Risk Assessments (DRA), export tools, and detailed research.

Coface provides multinational companies with CofaNet, a secure online guarantee management space available in 39 languages. CofaNet enables every client to identify their buyers, see the total volume of secured risks outstanding, report losses and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices – and all this in just a few seconds.

Cofamove: our mobile app

Coface provides CofaNet users with CofaMove, a smartphone app for on-the-go portfolio management and queries.




CofaMove improves the responsiveness and monitoring of risk management, and can also be used to provide sales forces with credit terms guidance in real time.


Cofaserve: our value delivered to your IT system

CofaServe is our API offering to our credit insurance clients. CofaServe is designed for clients who manage high volumes of buyers or who wish to set up a real-time decision support process using Coface data.

Dashboard: our business intelligence tool to help you steer your global programme

Coface Dashboard develops interactive reports to facilitate:

  • Reporting and performance monitoring,
  • Developing analyses, drilling down from major trends to individual (buyer level) changes,
  • Aggregating your exposure on buyers belonging to the same group,
  • Piloting your programme, notably by supporting your decisions to adjust the programme features and risk transfer parameters,
  • Your governance of credit risk-management in your group.
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